Rx4 Prevention combines cutting edge medicine with intelligent health management: ideally, disease is prevented, not treated. A key to preventing disease, of course, is facilitating an individual’s acquisition of immunity, with vaccines as the forefront of this healthcare strategy. Prevention of disease through vaccination:

  • Provides the ideal economic healthcare strategy;
  • Prevents mortality (especially for geriatric clients);
  • Promotes a high-quality of life.

Although the prevalence of pediatric vaccination approaches healthcare goals, the Center for Disease Control estimates that only 40-50 percent of vaccines are completed for adult populations.  Adults may not seek vaccines due to:

  • Limited medical staff resources to screen patients’ vaccination needs;
  • Incomplete awareness of CDC’s changing recommendations for vaccines;
  • Uncertainties about safety, availability or pain associated with vaccines;
  • Apathy or a lack of resources to obtain vaccines;
  • Appropriate follow-up when a series of vaccines is needed.

Given this environment, Rx4Prevention was created to provide a seamless, economical and efficient healthcare solution.

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