Will Rx4Prevention also do staff vaccines in long-term care facilities?
Yes. Administration of vaccines to the facility’s staff can be arranged upon request. The vaccines are administered on site, thus assuring compliance and virtually no disruption to the staff’s working schedule.

Who would do the injections / patient screenings?
The Iowa Board of Pharmacy stipulates that a licensed pharmacist administer the vaccination; Rx4Prevention staff also takes care of any needed paperwork / submission to third-party payers. No additional facility staff resources are required.

Is there an additional charge to the facility for these services?
No. The only potential fee would be the provision of staff members’ vaccines for those without third-party payers.

How about worksite vaccinations for employees; does Rx4Prevention do those?
Absolutely. Rx4Prevention has a mobile unit which allows employee vaccinations to be given on-site. With a little prior planning and scheduling with the Human Resources department (or on-site Health Clinic Director), vaccinations can be given to the entire workforce with virtually no downtime.

How long does a request need to be made before a mass vaccination can take place?
In order to streamline routine mass vaccinations, for example seasonal influenza vaccines, it is best to plan well in advance to ensure vaccines are administered in a timely manner. For example, screenings can be completed ahead of time. See the Forms and Resources page for the screening form.

How should our facility’s medical director be involved?
All pharmacy-originated vaccines will be strictly based on CDC guidelines. Any physician may order vaccines to Rx4Prevention, and it will be administered to the patient. Of course, common vaccines -- such as seasonal influenza -- do not require a physician's prescription, due to the Board of Pharmacy rule allowing Iowa pharmacists to engage in collaborative agreements.

How should families be involved for patients in long-term facilities who cannot give consent?
Patients who can sign consents will do so. For those who cannot, the patient’s Power of Attorney (POA) can sign the necessary forms. In many facilities, the Director of Nursing elects to coordinate communications with POA’s to keep abreast of all aspects of the patient’s medical care, and forms can be signed at that time.

Is Rx4Prevention available for community wellness days? In other words, can vaccinations be available for those who visit our facility?
Yes. Rx4Prevention is accommodations-based pharmacy with a clear mission to provide immunization to all, whether or not an individual is affiliated with the facility.

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